MahaVastu Certified Acharya Vasudhha Shukla


Acharya Vasudhha Shukla, born on 8th January, 1975 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been influenced by the occult sciences since she was young. 

Growing up in a religious household, she was fascinated by things associated with spirituality and belief, which further prompted her decision to gain an understanding of how these vedic sciences really affected the world she lives in. 

A teacher by profession, she had to renounce her career in favor of her family. After receiving support from her husband and both young daughters, she’s going to put the skills she earned as a teacher to good use by spreading the knowledge of Mahavastu. 

Health issues had become an unfortunate part of her life over the years. Workshops of Reiki Healing helped her to start taking control of these problems. This inspired her to venture out and strive for gaining knowledge in other occult practices, like Numerology, as well.  

She decided to choose Mahavastu as a profession after participating in an enlightening 4-day Mahavastu workshop by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, in 2014. After taking up numerous cases to do value addition in the lives of those who wished for it, she deemed herself ready for the Advance Mahavastu Course. The course, spanning over 6 days, imparted spiritual knowledge. This astounding experience stimulated the subconscious to open new dimensions. By the blessings of her Guru, she successfully completed the MahaJyotish Course too. 

These years full of learning made her realize that her motto in life is to be truly happy and spread happiness along the way.

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