MahaVastu Acharya Urvashi Thapa

MahaVastu Acharya

Urvashi thapa is a certified acharya, a life coach and a consultant for Vastu, Astrology , Numerology, Personality Development and Life skills. She is a B.Ed with Computer Graduation and has spent 14 years in training graduate students/professors in Top Engineering/Management/Pharmacy Institutes and as a Teacher in International Schools.

Influenced by self-experiences, peers, environment, books, my inner callings and guidance of “world class teachers”, I decided to engage myself in spiritual learnings for attaining higher dimensions of my life. I've always been a coach since beginning of my career , However all above listed faculties of occult sciences coupled with Patanjali Yoga Sutras of life has empowered me to help individuals achieve success in all aspects of their life. One can certainly achieve innate happiness, prosperity, wealth, health and immense peace by following simple sutras of our time tested wisdom documented in Vastu Shastra.

With grace of God and blessings of my Gurus, I've become the reason of smile on many faces with the help of all my knowledge and experiences (cases) . I Have been practicing my knowledge for past 4 years.

My training's are intended for everyone & from all walks of life (No age bar, Irrespective of profession, experience & knowledge). I teach in a way that provokes thought and meanings, letting the student experience for themselves through modern, inspirational and result oriented approach. My classes are combination of lectures, practical exercises, discussions, case studies, questionnaires with comprehensive study materials and tools. Sessions are delivered in Hinglish (Hindi & English both) language. I aim to hand hold my each trainee and assist them via digital medias (Facebook/watsapp/emails/messages) followed by “Mahavastu Executives – ME Meet”, Once in every month to further discuss doubts in a group to learn effectively and retain knowledge delivered to them.

Come, learn and create magic in your life yourself by receiving pure knowledge and applying it by relating with your own life because no one can help you better than yourself.

I thank Mahavastu to recognize my efforts and giving me this platform to share this priceless knowledge with you and initiate transformation to further extend it your children, family, peers and society to admire this life.

Remember- Nothing is impossible because we together will make it possible for you.

Few common problems addressed by Vaastu and astrology with remedies are as: Clarity of mind, fun in life, rejuvenation and reinventing yourself, social connections, profits by social recognition, anxiety & depressions, cash & finances, peace of life, sleeping discomforts, fame and recognition of efforts, relationship issues, family fights, legal problems, loans and debts, expenses, education of kids or self, business expansions, thefts and losses, accidents, assets loss, support from teachers/peers/bosses/relatives/banks/etc, selling skills/selling of goods, customer footfall problems, opportunities in life, health and immunity issues etc….

Above listed are few problems listed because the list is very extensive and comprehensive which can certainly be solved and addressed by our occult sciences.