MahaVastu Certified Acharya Tanushree Kapta

Tanushree is a qualified Mahavastu Acharya, a degree holder in Jyotish Acharya and also a diploma holder in Sanskrit. Born in a family of astrologers and pandits, she always had a strong inclination towards astrology, religious sermons, numerology etc.

After completing her MBA in HR, she held numerous leadership roles in various organizations. However, she remained restless and disturbed seeing lot of sufferings amongst people for various reasons such as negative entrance, distrub relationship zones, child issue. This led her to help affected people find constructive solutions to their sufferings and she started practicing as a astrologist and vastu consultant since last 10 years under Vikalp Astro Advisory. She has also been practising as a reiki healer and is well versed with K.P and vedic astrology.

She specialises in astrovastu remedies in commercial amd residential domains and has been successfully advising her clients ranging from industrialists, lecturers, business men, doctors, housewives etc. She has won numerous awards as vastu consultant in Ahmedabad . She is a regular speaker at various vastu and astro awareness workshops in Gujarat.

Her motto in life is to spread happiness by offering remedies to various defects present in each one of our lives.

You can reach her at