Strengthen Love & Relationships

Family bonding and value systems are the most important factors in social institutions in, almost, all the cultures of the world. If family bonding and value systems are distorted, life becomes very depressing and dislocated; it gets filled with insecurities; also, the growth of all the family members gets hampered. The purpose of making a home is maintaining the family bonding and the value system intact, in order to lead a successful life.

Family bonding, love, relationships and Vansh-Vriddhi (growth of heredity) are controlled by MahaVastu Zone of Ancestry (Pittra). If, in a home, marriages are getting delayed, or married life is disturbed, or family harmony is disturbed, or there are difficulties in child-birth or, bonding and value system has weakened, then this is the prime zone to focus upon.

As per understanding of Vedic philosophy of life, a skill is transferred from a father to his son; viz., it gets transferred genetically. That's why this zone is also considered as the Zone of Skill. Even, for maintaining the family harmony and family bonding, skill is required more than emotions. If this MahaVastu Zone is disturbed due to a toilet or a cut, then family bonding and skills, both, get distorted. Then you feel, 'bonding is strained'; and, no efforts prove fruitful for maintaining the family bonding.

In such situations, first of all, you have to confirm, by applying the 4-Steps of MahaVastu, if indeed symptoms are matching, exactly, with location of activities or objects placed in that zone. If symptoms do match 100%, then apply MahaVastu Techniques to restore the family bonding and harmony. There are a number of MahaVastu case studies in which separation of a joint family was getting delayed due to the strained relationships among family members. With application of MahaVastu, the problem got resolved amicably and quickly with win-win situations for all.