Balancers are used to remove construction/architectural flaws or Vastu doshas in a building. When used appropriately, balancers not only bring prosperity and positive energy but also remove all the negative energy in the building. They are energizers that help in establishing balance among the five elements of Nature and the building. Harmonic balance is a must in Vastu and balancers aid towards achieving it. They are used to bring happiness, love, prosperity, gains, success, positivity, good health and joy in our lives.

MahaVastu brings you the following list of balancers which if used appropriately will incorporate essential harmonic componentsin your home or work place.
  • color strip

    Colour Strip

    Colour Strip is the cost effective and easy-to- implement technique that corrects the imbalance in the 5 elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space) or Panchtattava in a building. Colour Strips can either be painted or pasted (as stickers) on the floor, or on the skirting, to balance or strengthen the affected zone.

  • metal strip

    Metal Strip

    Metal Strip Technique proves to be very effective in the rectification of the negative effects of toilets in the wrong zone or direction as well as for entrances without the need of any demolition or reconstruction.

  • stone


    In order to reap the best possible results from the Vastu Zone of Kitchen, Stone is used to balance the Fire element in the Kitchen.

  • electric bulb

    Electric Bulb

    With the use of Electric Bulbs of appropriate colours with respect to the correct zone, the zone effects can be activated. Therefore, they can be used to stimulate or activate an imbalanced Vastu zone and achieve the desired results.

  • spotlight


    The use of spotlight helps in resolving monetary problems as well as to awaken zonal energies and manage the reduced areas or cuts in the property.

  • sea-salt

    Sea Salt

    When the space is dull or non-vibrant, or its inhabitants feel low; the space is purified with Sea Salt. It gives instant positivity and mood uplift for the inhabitants.

  • mirror


    Mirrors are creatively used to provide balance in a Vastu Zone. For the problems arising on account of a cut or reduced area, we can apply mirrors on that particular wall in the zone that is cut and needs to be extended.

  • plants


    Plants represent growth; they have the activity of growth in them. Therefore, plants can be used to accelerate growth in our life.