MahaVastu brings the fruits of Vastu Shastra to your home and business through a number of remedial solutions. We offer effective and proven MahaVastu remedies that can be used to balance the elements and establish symmetry in a MahaVastu zone.

The remedial solutions include MahaVastu Remedies that help in removing doshas or symptoms in a zone and Balancers that are used to establish a fine balance between the elements in a zone. to balance the elements and establish symmetry in a MahaVastu zone.


MahaVastu Remedies

By placing an appropriate Mahavastu Remedy in the right Vastu zone of your related desire or aspect of your life, you can program your space for fulfilment of your desires. For example, to establish a loving relationship with your spouse, you can place a symbol of Love Birds in the MahaVastu zone of Relationships.


Balancers are used to remove flaws or Vastu doshas in a building. When used appropriately, balancers not only bring prosperity and positive energy but also remove all the negative energy in the building. They are energizers that help in establishing balance among the five elements of Nature and the building. Harmonic balance is a must in Vastu and balancers aid towards achieving it. They are used to bring happiness, love, prosperity, gains, success, positivity, good health and joy in our lives.