MahaVastu Certified Acharya Shivani Bachhas

Acharya Shivani Bachhas, born on 9th July, 1974 in Delhi. She pursued B.Sc.(Hons)Botany and M.A.(Hons)English from reputed Delhi University. She was into teaching with a renowned International Global School as she believes ‘Teaching is a lifelong learning process’ and one gets the opportunity to nurture young minds. Due to the spiritual inclination of her parents she got interested in Indian Mystical Sciences at a young age. The environment at home inculcated an introspective yet broad outlook in her. Seeing her inner calling her husband inspired her to pursue her interest in Indian Ancient Sciences all the more. She became a keen reader and read many books on various branches of occult sciences. After an extensive research on Vastu Shastra, she came across MahaVastu and VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal’s Teachings. She was completely transformed by Gurusakha, Dr. Bansal’s words and became his ardent follower. Being from a Science background, she found that Mahavastu ideology sounder as compare to prevalent vastu practices.

Ms. Bachhas has done 4day Mahavastu Basic Course, 6day Advance Course and 4day Mahajyotish Astro Vastu Course under the guidance of Gurusakha Khusdeep Bansal. During these courses, astounding experiences stimulated the subconscious to open new dimensions and helped her discover the true purpose of life. Her husband and both sons supported her in her decision to renounce her career in education field and joined Mahavastu team. Being a part of Mahavastu team, she has mentored numerous basic courses and advance courses. She was awarded Gold Medal by Gurusakha for being ‘The Most Intuitive Acharya’ in Mahavastu family. This recognition was one of the numerous blessings she has received from Gurusakha.

Her core competencies are in the field of researching and strategizing Vastu compliances and remedies. Turning around the profitability of companies, keeping companies out of legal hassles, finding remedies for ailing industries, creating peace and harmony at homes and offices, finding a solution to a dispute or concern that has long remained unresolved are some of her domain expertise.

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