MahaVastu Certified Acharya Sharad Chaudhari

Dr. Sharad Chaudhari is born in 1954 at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.  Basically he is from farmer’s family. He has completed his B.Sc, L.T.C., degree and post research degree from Mumbai University and well known world institute V.J.T.I, Mumbai and also has completed his Special Management Program, SPM, from Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), Calcutta. Then with the motivation and support from his family, he directly involved in setting up small scale chemical company which has become now a big tree in the span of 35 years. During his endeavor he has applied for many patents in which one of is world patent. Out of which one patent has already been granted and rest others are in process. He developed many more products which were pioneer, first time in India, in nature for his companies. He has been Director, Managing Director and Chairman of his many group companies. At present he is Managing Director and Chairman of Leedskem India Ltd, Jalgaon and Pune in Maharashtra and Director of Pralshar Bio-products Pvt. Ltd, South Goa.

He was doing simultaneously practice in traditional vastu before coming into contact with MahVastu group. He read almost all books on Vastu by Vastu Shastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal and got attracted to the whole new invented concept which is scientifically approach and methods of MahaVastu and Maha Jyotish. Dr. Sharad successfully completed his MahaVastu training and earned his certification as Vastu Acharya and later Maha Jyotish vastu also.

He found most accuracy in his Astro-Vastu consultation after these trainings and corrected the causes of negative influence in lots of buildings with simple Maha Vastu and Maha Astro remedies without demolitions and with amazing results.

Therefore, he decided to share the dreams of his Spiritual Guru Vastu Shastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal and wants to take Maha Astro-Vastu to every home in the State of Maharashtra to ensure that people live in Good Health, Happy and Prosperous Life by availing the benefits of MahaVastu and Maha Astro Vastu.

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