Research and Rediscovery

The roots of the incessant process of finding the unknown underlying reason for any phenomenon observed in the physical world, goes twenty years back to the time when VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, in his 2nd year of Engineering, explored the reason why instruments kept in a particular corner of his laboratory faltered and always lay defective while those placed in exactly the opposite corner worked perfectly. Being a student of Electromagnetism, he soon concluded that it was somehow related with the magnetic field generated by Earth and the built-up Space. Coupled with this inference, appeared another line of thought, "does energy of built-up Space also affect humans - their mind, behaviour, and life situations?"

Khushdeep made numerous observations in different fields, as a result of which, he deduced useful information regarding, how the activities are being performed and objects placed in your surroundings affect your emotions, thoughts, behaviour, situations you get to face in life, and also how you respond to them. This was a major breakthrough in the history of human evolution as this knowledge decoded the secrets of programming of human (sub-conscious) mind.

With this knowledge, VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal could locate, precisely, the reason:
Why in a house, there is a clash of opinions among family members, instability or stagnation in career, residents fall prey to infections easily and suffer from poor immunity, children are unable to concentrate on their studies, very little or no result of efforts, lack of self-confidence, frequent accidents, losses; why in an office, there is lack of cooperation staff problem, departmental problems, low sales, poor cash flow; Why in an industry, there is expansion problem, labour problem, frequent breakdown of machinery, litigation, absence of successful running, and so on; the list is endless. These formed only one dimension of his research work, which took into account the material world seen around.

With the passage of time, Khushdeep went into deeper layers of human existence on the planet. He categorised and analysed the effects of various forces shaping up human life in three types of Spaces.

  1. Inner Space (Space inside you; your sub-conscious and deeper sub-conscious)
  2. Physical Space (Your surroundings seen with naked eyes)
  3. Outer Space (Representing effect of cosmos / other planets)

VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal says:
I see a perfect synchronicity among these three domains of Space. Close your eyes and you can see thoughts hovering in your sub-conscious mind. Your residential or working Spaces are also conveying some messages to your deeper sub-conscious. Then the (transiting) planets in the vast Space are also indicating some messages. For me Astrology is like a GPS (global positioning system). Positioning of planets clearly shows which routes of life are carrying jams, red lights, and which routes are free. Let's take an example of driving a car and reaching a desired destination. A desired destination comes from your desire or purpose (working of inner Space), the car or the vehicle is the Space that carries you there (Vastu), situations in the journey are indicated by your GPS. GPS is not responsible for the situations; it only guides you.

You have the choice of selecting the right times, the perfect vehicle and the routes to reach your destination. As per your target and conditions of your vehicle, capacity of fuel tank and driving skill, you can choose options.+

MahaVastu Works as a vehicle, having a GPS filter in it, making the ideal route choices for you to reach the destination safely in optimum time. It also helps you to make choices about your destination, if you are not clear. In short, MahaVastu provides you the appropriate Space where your inner Space can work perfectly. Whenever we want to solve some problem or we want to achieve some target, we work in parallels in all the three domains of inner, physical and outer Spaces. But first, we must clearly define our purpose or desired solution, and then check all the three domains. Only then we can find a Mantra, which will lead to the manifestation of the desire.