Power & Confidence

You can feel more power and self-confidence with the application of MahaVastu in your home and workplace. Lack of self-confidence makes your decisions waver, thus, causing instability of mind. Correct decision making comes from self-confidence.

If the MahaVastu™ Zone of Power and Confidence is weak or imbalanced then you feel a lack of confidence and power. If this Zone is extended then inhabitants of that place become over-confident and take bold decisions which are either un-implementable or lead to losses. So you have to maintain a balance in this Zone for having the right amount of confidence at the right time.

Lack of confidence also leads to the development of fearful attitude while dealing with the world outside. This puts others in a dilemma whether they should go ahead and work with you. By improving self-confidence you remove this factor also. Lack of confidence also allows people to dominate you all the time. You are not able to keep your point of view and end up working against your consciousness always due to the influence of others. To overcome these situations this is very important to keep the MahaVastu™ Zone of Power and Confidence in a balanced state.