Personal Influence

Since time immemorial, man has been aware of places of power and personal influence. On those places, he constructed buildings to rule, or sought to regain power through temples, or worship places. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter, they shape us". Then the same quote was quoted by Indian Prime Minister Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral ji in his scrap book. In 1960 one spiritual guide recommended then Prime Minister of India Pt. Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru ji, that if TeenMurti Bhawan (then residence of Indian Prime Minister) would have been retained by him or his family then he and his generations would always exercise power and maintain personal influence forever.

Buildings, where you live or work, decide the field (size, area and strength) of your personal influence and power. During his research, Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal studied the most powerful and influential buildings. The results of his research were amazing and interesting to note. He found that only 4 MahaVastu Zones were responsible for powerful or weaker personal influence. He used these concepts in regaining the political power and creating influential business brands.

In the same way, you too can create and empower your personal influence in society from your home and work place, with application of MahaVastu.

2-Day Vastu Foundation Course

Name:2-Day Vastu Foundation Course
2-Day Vastu Foundation Course
Short Description:

In the 2-Day Vastu Foundation Course, you learn the basics of Vastu Shastra, scientific logics behind Vastu rules, practical Vastu techniques and easy-to-apply, simple MahaVastu remedies to experience the benefits of Vastu Shastra in your home or apartment.

  • How to select/ buy a Vastu-perfect apartment to attract love, happiness, health and prosperity using 4 Steps of MahaVastu?
  • Discover the directions that ensure money flow?
  • How to create new opportunities in career with Vastu remedies like the use of green plants in the appropriate directions?
  • Learn how to overcome delay in promotion with appropriate colours on the walls?
  • Vastu remedies for quick payment recovery?
  • How to select positive Paintings?
  • Where to place a safe/ cash or valuable locker to maximize your savings?
  • How to manage delays in securing a Loan?
  • How to manage entrance locations that result in debts?
  • How to create family harmony?
  • Know about the bedroom directions that cause unwanted heated arguments?
  • Discover what causes indifference/cold response from your partner? How to reignite passion and warmth using MahaVastu remedies?
  • Learn to create better health and stronger immunity for the whole family by keeping the Health Zone Clean.
  • Learn what causes regular health issues and why medicines do not work? Also, where to keep medicines to ensure their minimum use?
  • How to avoid accidents with simple change in colours in two directions?
  • Which objects, when placed in certain directions, cause distraction of mind and poor concentration in children and result in poor grades in school?
  • How books placed in perfect direction help children to absorb more and reproduce quickly thus causing better performance in their studies?
  • What is the right direction and facing for the Study table to ensure excellent results in studies and competitive exams?
  • How to control aggressive behaviour of your child with simple MahaVastu remedies?
  • Learn how simple homemade Vastu solutions overcome delay in the marriage of your son or daughter?
  • Learn how to avoid delay in child birth with right location of bed?
  • How to retain servants and household staff by selecting the best direction for their room?
  • How to use Pyramids efficiently for maximizing a particular effect in a building?
  • How to use easy MahaVastu solutions to buy your property?
  • Learn about MahaVastu Remedies to attract gains, happiness and prosperity in your new house.

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