Vastu Planning Design

Vastu Planning Design for New Home or Workplace

Riding high on the experience and expertise of our MahaVastu Consultants who are qualified architects and design specialists, we offer highly bespoke and tailor-made Vastu-compliant Planning and Design solutions to build a Vastu-perfect building.

Vastu Planning Design


If you are planning to construct a new home, workplace or factory, it is advisable to ensure Vastu compliance in the structure right from the beginning to get the best results and avoid any structural changes later.

It is a valued suggestion since MahaVastu used a scientific approach in analysing a plot or a property or a building plan based on the symmetry and balance of the geometric axis of the piece of land or property type with the geomagnetic axis of the earth.

When you plan for a Vastu-perfect new design, your requirements and specifications are recorded in detail along with other necessary information about your occupation and targets that you desire to achieve through your new property. According to the information available, the new design for your property is prepared to facilitate construction of a Vastu-compliant structure right from its foundation.


Got a Design Plan for your New Property?

You may also share a proposed plan developed by your Architects that can be analysed and optimized by a MahaVastu Consultant.



3-4 weeks are required to suggest the best plan for you. To know the exact fee and time, kindly contact the nearest MahaVastu Centre.


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If you have a new design plan in mind or need to discuss the designing of a plan for your new home or office, you may engage with a MahaVastu Expert for personalized consultation by booking an appointment. You may use our contact form or call us today.