Law of Universe

The Law of Universe is that the world is created out of the experience of joy. The Universe is conscious and full of joy. The Hindu Alchemy of Space says, that to experience itself, Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) created the world, which is full of joy! Desire is 'consciousness on a journey to joy'. Desire drives you and your life, to experience joy, thus, creating a new world for you. In this process, joy creates the world. And even while experiencing the joy, we are the creation of joy. Little wonder we were created when our parents were passing through an experience of joy.

A part of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) is human consciousness (Atma / Soul) wrapped in five layers (Panchkosha) and manifested through five elements (Panchtattva). Every soul has one common goal, i.e., to Experience Joy. The paths may be different-someone wanted to experience the joy of flying and hence created airplanes; someone desired to experience more speed and created cars. Similarly, the whole world is created in the joyous state of consciousness. The purpose of human birth is to experience joy by manifesting the core desire. As per Hindu philosophy, the soul will keep taking rebirth as long as it has not manifested its core purpose, for which it got separated from the Universal Consciousness.

A problem or pain is an indication of deviation from core purpose, like disease (means being not at ease) is a deviation from the natural flow, known as health. Restoring back to flow makes us free of pain or disease. On the way to the manifestation of core purpose, money, power, comforts and health, are by-products.

To experience joy or self, Universal Consciousness created three aspects:-

  1. Us
  2. A Cosmic Clock, comprising the solar family and the whole phenomenon of our galaxy to record time of the events.
  3. A total manifestation ground, viz., the Earth, which is encircled with horizontal and vertical energy lines.

As soon as part consciousness takes birth as a soul, it gets programmed as per the position of planets and stars at that particular point in time. The chip (like the one present on a computer or mobile phone) carrying all that programmed information for our future is fed inside us as the deeper state of human mind, also known as subconscious mind. This part of the mind is responsible for all the body functions and the life we are living right now. All events and situations in life are as per the movement of planets and stars.