Improve Grades in Studies

You get improved focus, concentration, better absorption of study material, and faster and clearer content delivery (at the time of examination), with the help of MahaVastu.

Many people seek guidance on how they can improve the studies of their children. MahaVastu has practical, logical and result giving solutions for this problem. To work out a solution you should observe, why your children are not improving in their studies; what exactly happens when they try to study. Ask your children, for example, does their attention shift to the TV, or to surfing the internet; or, do they start getting anxieties; or, is it they just don't like to study. You have to get the symptoms like this.

The moment you get the symptoms, you can correlate them with what is placed in the MahaVastu Zone of Studies and Education. If toys or games are placed in that zone, then whenever they will sit for studies, they will be tempted to play; if a T.V. is placed in that Zone, then at the time of studies, TV will draw their attention; if a computer to surf the net is placed in that Zone, then they will be tempted to go on the internet or chat instead of focusing on studies. If this portion in the building is cut, then they will be tempted to go out and play with their friends.

To focus their attention on studies, their study materials must be placed in the MahaVastu Zone of Studies. If it is not possible to place their study table or books here, then with the application of MahaVastu Techniques you can create a balanced state for this MahaVastu Zones and develop their focus and concentration in their studies. Additionally, by balancing two more MahaVastu Zones, you can improve their capability of absorbing more in less time, and clearly reproducing the learned concepts during their exams. This will make them perform to their full potential.