Effect of Earth Energies

Earth is the manifestation ground for desires of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) through human consciousness (Atma). To manifest our purpose or core desire, nature, like a manager, facilitates all necessary powers and conditions. The Earth is encircled with energy lines, both horizontally and vertically, thus creating energy grids. Hindu alchemists recognized them as Mandalas. They went further in this discovery; they recognized the usage of individual Mandalas to fulfil specific purposes.

In 1952, a German scientist Manfred curry found these energy lines and termed them as Curry Lines. His colleague Earnest Hartman in 1967 found that diagonal patterns existed also and termed them as Hartman Grid. They found that neurological disorders and cancers are due to sleeping on the crossing of these lines. He worked out that there are certain energy fields on the Earth that are responsible for the healthy body or the diseased body.

Hartman particularly collected the case studies, which showed that all the neurological problems are due to Earth energies and the cross intersection of those lines. If people are sleeping on the intersection of those energy lines, and particularly if some water stream is also passing through that crossing of lines, then that person will have neurological problems or neurological disorders. And if it is the only energy line that is crossing and the person is sleeping on that - whichever part is lying on that energy grid or the line crossing that will get affected negatively. To remain healthy, it is recommended to avoid using those cross-intersections of lines.

As Hartmann said, problems are only due to sleeping on the energy lines that we refer to as the 'Marmasthan' in MahaVastu. However, Vastu Shastra goes into much more detail. Hartmann developed certain methods to detect those Earth energy lines and to avoid the intersections for sleeping and, you know, even if you puncture the intersections, the negative fields will be created and negativity will be there in the space.

About 10000 years back, Vastu Shastra avoided the MarmaSthans, the sensitive points. Hartmann was able to detect those Earth energy lines on the Earth only, but in MahaVastu we have those formulae to check the energy lines even in the built up space.

In MahaVastu, these Natural Earth energy lines are used as carrier waves. We, as MahaVastu Experts, connect your space with the whole world, to manifest your desire - this is what VastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal discovered in the due course of his research. He says there is a purpose behind everything on Earth. The purpose of these energy lines and the fields in their Grids (Mandalas) are meant to connect the whole world and become complementary to fulfil each other's purpose.