MahaVastu for Industries

“I Don’t Want Fortune 500 Companies As My Clientele, But In Future I See My Clients Owning The Fortune 500 Companies”……… Dr. Khushdeep Bansal

An Engineer by qualification, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal is very technical in Industrial designs. He always stresses on complete understanding of Production Process and Targeted Results. He is also particular about deciding critical steps of a process which makes any product unique.

He has his own Philosophy for Success of an industry. He says, “Each industry has a unique feature in its products. In one industry, it may be just controlling the heat treatments to get the desired product; in second industry it may be maintaining the cooling temperatures to get the desired product; In third, controlling the quality of raw material; in fourth, quality may come from production process; while in fifth, it may be a just matter of monitoring the finishing stage of the production process.”

For different kinds of industries with different issues, five different kinds of Vastu design solutions will give the same result i.e. Success of Product. When desired result is only one, i.e. Success, the Vastu Formula is also the same; however, the Application Method changes as per Technical requirements of the industry.

For example, ‘Quality’ is needed in every industry; but priority differs as per the industry; e.g., in Food industry, Taste comes first, Quality is the second and Presentation is the third aspect of success.

In Personal Accessories industry, Design comes first, Quality is the second and Price is the third aspect of success.

In Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality in terms of composition is the first; Design, Taste and Price are lesser important for commercial success of the medicine.

MahaVastu follows a systematic method to diagnose the root cause of pain in any area of life. This leads to a treatment procedure called Vastu PanchKarma for balancing 16 Directions and 5 Elements in the building. An experienced MahaVastu Consultant devises a customized solution which generally includes correcting entrance, treating activities, rooms and toilets, relocating objects, creating energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and controlling planetary effects.

  1. Developing Awareness of product and related problems in manufacturing:
    Getting complete awareness of the product, its utility & USP, targeted customers, market share & targets, and usual challenges in mfg. the same.

  1. Site Survey: 
    Mapping the complete mfg. process to understand functioning of each machine/ process e.g. cutting, churning, heating, codling or maybe just precision shaping up of the product on a lathing machine so exactly recognize which part of the process is responsible for creating and managing these challenges.

  1. Expert Visit:
    MahaVastu expert audits location of each machine in 16 vastu zones analysing the functioning of machine with respect to attributes of that zone and diagnosis the problem in case it is due to anti functioning vs attributes of the direction.

  1. MahaVastu Report: 
    We recommend you ideal locations in your unit for various business activities. We suggest relocation in accordance to the zones. If not possible, a remedial solution is devised to ensure optimum utilisation of resources.

  2. MahaVastu Programming:
    We help you envision and set the goals by identifying the most powerful spot for the Head of the organization along with that of all the department heads. The ideal location of storage, raw material, machinery, finished goods and every object is placed in accordance to MahaVastu.
    Mahavastu programming is then done in your workplace to enable you to achieve the desired results.
    In case of new industrial setup, we help you design your plant/factory as per Mahavastu principles which ensures all the above-mentioned contexts are taken care off.

  3. Energy Mapping: 
    Our Mahavastu Experts and Acharya's visit your manufacturing unit from time-to-time for vastu auditing, energy mapping, remedy implementation and follow-ups before successfully signing-off of the project.

  4. Astro Mapping:
    Based on your birth details, we provide you Astro-Vastu Remedies to remove the negative effect of planets and enhance the positive results.   

MahaVastu through its industrial Vastu services has given a grand success to many of the industrialists, manufacturers for the following concerns:


  • Getting More Orders and Smoother Sales; Increased Brand-Strength and Market Share;

  • Achieved satisfactory Presence and Growth in targeted Overseas Markets;

  • With Better Performance of Man & Machinery, Production is more than the capacity of the unit;

  • Better Quality and Improved Efficiency; Wastage, Rejections, and Thefts are controlled;

  • Workers are working diligently and Unrests are completely Resolved;

  • Inactive and Non-Cooperative Staff (involved in delaying the output) Left the industry;

  • Senior management is Able to See Wider and Planning New Expansions in the unit;

  • Better Application of Knowledge leading to effective improvements in the System;

  • Departmental issues are Resolved; Got Favor (from Authorities) & Success in Litigations;

  • Smoother Relations with Bank and other Financial Institutions facilitating In-Time Support;

  • Procurement of Raw-Material is Regularized; Improved Relations with Vendors;

  • Assured In-time Delivery of ordered-Consignment;

  • Safer Work Environment; Frequency of Accidents has reduced to Nil;

  • Industry is running successfully, with Significant Gains, as if, it is in ‘Automation-Mode’.




Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.

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