Case Study

One particular client was in a highly stressful situation in his joint family business. On the floor on which he was living with his joint family, the MahaVastu™ Zone of Power and Confidence was missing due to a cut in that part of the building. His reason for tension was that his brother and father never honoured his views in business. Apart from that, he was never able to express his way of thinking in joint decision-making due to lack of confidence. When MahaVastu™ was applied in their home for business growth, the cut portion of the building was also treated. During a follow-up discussion, his father and elder brother said that there is a big change in personality and attitude of the younger brother. This client also felt remarkable improvements and he said, "I don't know from where the confidence has come but now I too can place my point of view and thinking at the right time for the growth of our joint family business".