MahaVastu Handbook

The Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra

ISBN - 978-93-81570-10-4

Pages - 1248

Size/Wt - 29X37X9 c.m./5kg

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Book Overview

The Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra

Discover the Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra, i.e., MahaVastu Handbook written by none other than the foremost VastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal. His philosophy has helped thousands of individuals and companies to grow and prosper in their political, business and personal lives. With around 1250 pages, containing hundreds of successful MahaVastu case studies and more than 600 pictures with colored diagrams, you will get clear guidelines to successfully apply the tested and effective MahaVastu remedies thoroughly explained in this book.

Hence, this book can be treated as a complete Bible of Modern and Refined Vastu Shastra. It aims in applying Vastu with a Logical and Scientific Approach to help create the best results in various domains of life like: Money, Better Health, Bigger Gains, Exponential Growth, Relationships, Marriage, Childbirth, Family Harmony, Education, Joy, Peace, etc. This book on MahaVastu is also considered as the Gold Standard for Vastu Professionals highlighting and explaining the Panchtattvas (Five Elements of Nature) and their effects on Human Life, the Laws of Universe, Effects of Stars, Planets and Earth Energies on Human Life.

In MahaVastu Handbook, You Will Find:

Practical Vastu Case Studies, such as:
  • How Profits increased in a month in Real Estate Business with Practical Vastu Solutions?
  • How Payment Recovery became faster with simple Vastu Remedies and attracted new clients?
  • How a family photograph placed in the right direction helped to get a genuine share in family division? 
  • How just placing a red colored Painting on the wall in proper direction created financial security?
  • How production increased and quality improved in the cosmetics factory with changing wall paints? 
  • How sleeping in another bedroom in the positive zone helped in quick health recovery?
  • How got quick Government approvals by placing project files in the right direction? 
  • How interchanging of rooms made a person win in elections getting ministerial profile?
You will also get Technical Support on Vastu, such as:
  • What are the effects of rooms (in different directions) like the Puja Room, Drawing Room, Toilet, Septic Tank, Kitchen, Dining Room, Store, Dressing Room, Family Lounge, Study Room, Bar, Car Parking, Basement, Staircase and Open area? How to select the best suitable directions for the above and treat with Vastu remedies if there are any Vastu faults?
  • What are the effects of 32 Entrance locations and how to correct bad entrances without relocating them?
  • How to correct the Cut and Extended parts of a building with Colors and Lights?
  • What are the effects of Appliances and Household Objects like Washing Machine, Inverter, Generator, Heater, A.C., T.V., Computer, Music System, Electricity Meter and Fuse Box, Crockery Cabinet, Safe, Medicines, Aquarium and Dustbin in different directions? 
  • How to use Colors, Design Patterns, Stones, Mirrors, Plants, Sculptures, Paintings, Photographs and other Interior Decoration objects as powerful Vastu solutions in new buildings to avoid negative effects of Vastu?
  • How to treat and correct Odd Shaped Buildings, Plots, Flats, Apartments, Duplex Houses and Mezzanine Floor Buildings? 
  • How to select a Vastu perfect Site for a New House, Office, Institution or Factory?
  • How to select most suitable direction for Bedrooms for the Head of the Family, Parents, Children, Marriageable Girls, Newlywed Couples, Guests and Servants?
  • How to use specific Vastu remedies to create particular results like, buying Own House, Support from Government, Co-operation from Staff at Workplace, Beneficial Business Relationships, Brand Positioning, Steady Flow of Money, Getting Bank Loans, Promotions, Love, Better Relationships and many more…