Worshipping Goddess Durga in the Vastu WayGoddess Durga - the Embodiment of Power and Strength is a multi-dimensional deity with many names, personas and facets. During Navaratri, the Hindus generally worship the nine forms of the Goddess in different ways. The purpose of any puja or prayer is to first connect with your inner-self and then, with the Universal Consciousness or God. So the North-East Zone, or the Vastu Zone of Mental Clarity & Wisdom is considered ideal to worship any God or Devta. It is also the most suitable zone to meditate and offer prayers, and an ideal place for a puja room.


However, as per MahaVastu, the Power or Energy of Goddess Durga can be best received from the South-East (the Vastu Zone of Fire). Even the South, i.e., the Vastu Zone of Fame & Relaxation is also considered ideal to worship this Goddess of Power or Shakti.

The best way to worship Goddess Durga during these Nine Days or Navaratri has been described by Vastu Shastra, and this will definitely help you fulfill all your wishes, bringing more peace, happiness and prosperity into your lives!

The definite Vastu guidelines are as follows:

  • According to MahaVastu, the ideal location to place the idol of the Goddess is in the South-East or the South Zone of your home.
  • If you are lighting the akhand jot (an earthen oil lamp which is kept burning continuously for nine days) before the idol, then keep it in the agnaye kon (South-East), the Vastu Zone of Fire. During Navratri, the atmosphere is charged with the glow that is laden with this absolute Fire principle of the burning earthen lamp.
  • The greatest benefit of lighting an akhand jot is that it reduces all the negative energies from the atmosphere. Also the radiant vibrations emanating from the lamp spreads a positive energy throughout the atmosphere benefitting all the living souls or jiva.
  • Make sure that you face the East or the North, while worshipping the Goddess or performing the puja.
  • You must clean up the puja place properly. Also, ascertain that there are no dirty clothes lying around the worship area.
  • Never place the idol of the Goddess near a bathroom or toilet. 
  • It is best to place all the puja related materials in the South-East or the South of the puja room.
  • It would be ideal if the walls of the puja room or worship area is painted in light yellow or light pink because by doing this, there will be a circular flow of positive energies throughout your home.
  • As far as the flooring of the puja room is concerned, you could use red or green stone on the floor, but avoid black and dark blue colour for decoration purposes. You could either design the shape and colour for yourself, or take the help of a MahaVastu Expert.
  • Drawing rangoli on the floor with bright colours attract positive energies, and is considered to be very auspicious during this time.