Top 7 Vastu Myths

Vastu is a science of buildings. It has been a part of our civilisation since ancient times but now many so called Vastu pundits are spreading unnecessary fear and myths which is jeopardising the whole scientific reasoning behind Vastu Shastra.

After successfully documenting more than 12,000 case studies, Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal, the Founder of MahaVastu, is certain that there is no truth behind most of the Vastu Myths which are prevalent in today’s society.

Lord GaneshaMyth 1. Lord Ganesha at the entrance is auspicious

The practice of placing figurine of lord Ganesha at the entrance of a building must be avoided as showing back to lord Ganesha brings abject poverty. Click here to know the science behind it.


Myth 2. Mirror in bedroom causes misery in marital life

Again, this is a common belief that mirror in the bedroom brings bad luck to the marriage. But Bansal is certain that the position of dressing table/mirror reflecting the bed doesn’t create any such negative effect by itself.  The problem arises only if the location of the mirror is in incompatible zone.


Myth 3. Face East while conducting Business

The belief that only facing East would be profitable for conducting business has no substance. This belief has been passed on from previous times when all articles were made by hand. Accordingly, it was correct to sit facing East while working. But now the style of work has undergone numerous changes in the modern world. According to MahaVastu, each kind of work is associated with a particular zone that is best for it. According to your business, you need to choose the right direction which will give you complete success and profit.

Surroundings like mountains, rivers, peepal or banyan tree negatively affect the building. Watch this video and know the reality behind this myth.

Myth 4. Main Entrance in the West or South zones are inauspicious

Many people believe that North-East entrance is the best and in search of this entrance, they give up West and South-facing plots, as they consider them inauspicious. Whereas the surprising fact is that 80 percent of successful people occupy properties facing West or South.


Myth 5. Three doors aligned facing each other in a straight line

There is a misconception that vastu doesn’t permit doors facing each other. The reality is however different. The plans of old buildings, including ancient temples, do not support this myth. Infact in few ancient temples the four doors were always aligned in a straight line. Hence, it’s better to design as per the practical requirements, complying with the 4-steps of MahaVastu.


Myth 6: Toilet at the entrance is inauspicious

It’s another common belief that toilet at the entrance is inauspicious. Whereas, the truth is that effects of an entrance are different from those of a bathroom. According to MahaVastu, toilets are should be built in the zone of disposal. Vastu defects are caused when these recommendations are not meant.


Myth 7: Toilet and Kitchen shouldn’t be together

It is a very common misconception that in a building kitchen, toilet, should not be adjacent to each other. Again, MahaVastu has proved it wrong. Click here to know why there is no need to worry if your toilet and kitchen have a common wall.