"Each and every emotion and thought that appear inside you is generated by 16 MahaVastu Zones of your home only."

Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal

In this tensed and fast paced life, everybody desires to get the state of Ananda or Enlightenment. The secret of enlightenment lies in ‘being connected’- being connected with your own self. Neurologically, this state corresponds to Delta level of brainwave frequencies. If you are not connected with your true self, you feel a void deep within. Your problems get unresolved most of the time, as you are not able to get associated with your Intuitive body - the Level of Solutions.

Not many of you know that the space in your building controls the quality of your enlightenment. Your Inner mind is connected with the Inner space of your home. If you want something, your mind receives it first and then starts finding out and receives the desired information from your own home.

According to MahaVastu there are 16 zones in your building and each of these 16 MahaVastu Zone has different functions to play in your life. North-East is the zone which governs new ideas, mental clarity and wisdom.  It is the Zone of Wisdom and Inspiration. In Vasthu, this zone is ideal for Meditation. This zone has the energy to make us receptive to latent knowledge (from the Anandmaya and Vigyanmaya Kosha), ideas useful in life, and gives strength to solve the problems.

The MahaVastu Zones have been adapted from the Vedic Vastu Shastra and after repeated scientific observations, applications and experiences, they have been modified to fit in contemporary architecture.

But there are times, when due to imbalancing of Panchtattva (Five elements), these zonal powers may get overactive or inactive, hence adversely affecting your life.

And if that is happening in your case, you need to clean the North-East zone of anti-colours and anti-activities like kitchen, store, and waste articles and place a pyramid there. After doing all this, not only the space inside your building will start behaving positively, but your subconscious mind will also start picking up clarity and positive information for growth.

North-East Zone, or the Vastu Zone of Mental Clarity & Wisdom is considered ideal zone to worship any God or Devta. It is also the most suitable zone to meditate and offer prayers, and an ideal place for a puja room.

You will feel connected with your own higher self. That becomes a medium for extending the right guidance to you. You will start gaining clarity at the level of the conscious mind that guides and helps you to move ahead in your life. Hence, to tap into the energies of your house for well-being of mind and body, all you need to do is to look into this space of your house.