Washing Machine in the Right Vastu ZoneWe usually keep a number of  Interior Objects of daily use in our homes, such as TV, Beds, Sofa sets, Almirah, Washing Machine, etc. According to Vastu, each such Interior Object is symbolic of an element, such as Water, Air, Fire, Earth or Space, as mentioned in the Panchtattva. Further, each of these elements convey an emotion and fulfill a function, small or big in our lives. Therefore, the placement of an Interior Object in the Right Vastu Zone is very vital in our daily lives to have a positive and fruitful influence.

Moreover, MahaVastu says that any Built-up Space receives continuous messages from objects placed in various zones. Hence, each zone is appropriate for a certain kind of object and supports a specific function.    

The Washing Machine, as we all know is meant to wash clothes. Hence, the activity taking place in it is that of Churning. Now, as per Vastu, the East-South-East (ESE) Zone is the Zone of Anxiety & Analysis or Churning, and so, this is the ideal place to keep a Washing Machine.       

However, there are many other Vastu Zones too, such as the West-North-West (WNW) (the Zone of Depression), which is also ideal for a Washing Machine because here, it will not only clean clothes, but also clear the mental clutter by removing emotional blockages. The North-West is also a good place to keep a Washing Machine, as by placing it here, we can get the support from banks and other people.   

  MahaVastu Zones Washing Machine         Effects
1. East-South-East (ESE)
(Vastu Zone of  Anxiety & Analysis)
Ideal Zone for a Washing Machine Excellent
2. West-North-West (WNW)
(Vastu Zone of Depression)
Ideal Place for a Washing Machine Excellent
3. North-West (NW)
(Vastu Zone of Support & Banking)
Proves Beneficial for Users Good
4. All the Rest of the 13 Zones Proves Harmful to Users Bad