HarappaYes, Vastu, the unique Science of Space & Directions is for Everyone and Anyone because a basic knowledge of Vastu is a must for a Healthy, Wealthy & Prosperous Life.

Moreover, all our deeds, behaviour, luck and fortune are in some way or the other guided and influenced by the principles of Vastu.

The literal meaning of the word, Vastu is a ‘House’ or a ‘Dwelling Place’ and its principles aim to create a harmony or balance between the Nature’s five elements or Panchtattva in the environment and the Earth’s energy fields.

Therefore, the vastu of an area influences the lifestyles of not only the human beings, but also each and every living creature residing there. So, Vastu Shastra is the sublime elucidation of your surroundings and their influences on your life.

The authenticity and the biggest proof of Vastu Shastra can be found during the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Even the ancient cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa were found to be built according to vastu. The usage of Vastu is vast and varied, and can be used both at micro and macro levels, starting from a single room/flat to a big mansion, a temple, a showroom or a shopping mall, a factory, an industry, for town planning, cities and even for this entire earth!  

However, the form of vastu that is most popular today has undergone many modifications, as per the requirements of the modern Man, transforming itself into a more logical and scientific version called MahaVastu. It is based on more than 12, 000 successful case studies conducted by none other than VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal and his trained MahaVastu Experts.

All these practical Vastu experiences accumulated by the Vastu Guru and his students for the past 22 years or more have been distilled and summed up in the form of a 4-Step Vastu Application Method. This can be learnt easily through the upcoming MahaVastu Course which is scheduled from December 3rd to 6th, 2015.

MahaVastu has a solution for each and every problem of your daily life, such as:

4-Day MahaVastu Course

  • Do you desire to earn more money?
  • Are you aspiring for a promotion or a raise in your salary?
  • Are you facing personal problems related to love or marriage?
  • Are you not able to control your anger or mood swings?
  • Is your child disobeying you or not concentrating on his/her studies?
  • Aren’t you able to save enough for your future?


All the above issues and many more are quite common in human life which need to be addressed at the earliest to make you—“Stay Calm, Live Happily & Grow Big,” the motto of MahaVastu.


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