“The mind only reflects what we say and think. It never searches for anything that we do not want.”

- Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal

Self TalkingDoes your mind keeps on wandering either in the Past or in the Future?

Are you not able to concentrate in the Present Moment?

Do you do a lot of Self-Talk?

Don’t worry, as you are not alone. Most of the people often complaint about the Mental Commentary, which do not allow them to enjoy the beauty of the Present State.

It’s been widely seen that the Internal Dialogue process overpowers the Intelligent Mind so much that people start living in the world of fantasy where everything is happening the way they wish to happen. And ultimately they lose interest in the real world.

When people start spending more time on Thinking than they are actually required to, then they create a heap of stress inside their minds. These people often complain that the world is very stressful. Whereas, the reality is exactly the opposite.

They too can enjoy the beauty of the world only if they take a break from ‘Self Talk’ and learn how to tame the mind.

 3 Steps to tame your Mind

  1. Know that you can stick to the Present: The first thing you need to do is to accept that you have the capacity to tame your mind. Yes it is possible! You can end the chatter box of your mind. You can even control your thoughts.
  2. Make a Conscious Effort: Initially you will feel it difficult to control your thoughts. But if you make conscious effort to stop them, you will succeed. To start with, try setting short term goals. Like if you are driving to market, buying groceries and driving back home. Set your goal not to allow any negative self-talk while you are driving to the market. It will be tough as you are not accustomed to live without talking to yourself but keep on making the self-agreement, keep on taking short steps-- this will definitely stop your head to build useless stories.
  3. Peep into your house: Since ages, in Vedic alchemy, the mind has always been used as a tool. It’s been referred to as the Brahmastra (infallible weapon of Lord Brahma). It is generally said that it’s very difficult to tame or control the mind. It is only when the Inner mind is controlled, this state is possible.

The place where you live deeply effects your inner mind. Have you ever noticed that you feel relaxed and happy in one room and irritated and confused in another room of the same house?


The role of North-East Zone

Puja Room in North-East ZoneThis is because, we all are guided and governed by 16 zones which are present in all buildings According to MahaVastu, the North-East zone governs new ideas, mental clarity and wisdom. So, if your mind is always occupied with thoughts and there is no mental clarity or control, you need to check the North-East zone of your home. Foresights, intuitions, vision, inspiration all come for this zone. This zone is best considered for a Puja Room. Meditation and worship performed in this zone, gives you inner strength and wisdom.


The energy of North-East zone brings clarity in the thought process, apart from calming the mind.

What to Avoid in the North-East Zone

Bedroom in this zone is a strict NO, as it may disturb the mind and makes you feel irritable.
Toilet placed in North-East zone causes major health problems like memory loss, paralysis and neurological problems.
Store in North-East can lead to blockage of mind and it may affect your personality adversely.
Kitchen in the North-East Zone leads to severe ailments related with the brain. Along with it, a person may lose clarity or mind and is always in a state of confusion.

So, by now we all have sensed that how important it is to control our minds. Although calming it may take some practice but it can be done. Just follow to make an agreement with yourself, check all the zones of your home and enjoy the benefits.