DhanterasThe festival of ‘Dhanteras’, also known as the Investment Day is the first day of Diwali celebrations. The word Dhan means wealth and Terasmeans 13th day as per the Hindu calendar.

On Dhanteras, a particularly auspicious day for the investment, Vastu can help you take the right decision in investing and can also add to your prosperity and wealth in a significant way.If you think of buying a new property or share or making a deal, this is the perfect day according to MahaVastu.

Buying New Shares: If you are buying new shares, your table should be placed in the West Vastu Zone. The table should be avoided in South-South-West and West-North-West Zone to avoid financial damages.

Banking Support: To gain the financial support of banks and the relevant people in your venture, the North-West Zone should be balanced and shouldn’t contain any non-vastu compliant colour, activity or object. All property and investment related papers should be kept in the West Zone. This zone supplies energy for the gain in capital money and helps in the choice of investment and property.

Lakshmi and Kuber Puja: An important feature of Dhanteras
Considering it as the day of wealth, goddess Lakshmiji and Lord Kuber, god of wealth are also worshipped. According to MahaVastu The North Vastu zone gets good opportunities in life and money, so Kuber Ji is placed in this zone.

People purchase gold/silver jewellery and coins: It is considered to be ‘good luck’ to purchase precious metals on Dhanteras. As per the Vastu, advice, cash and jewellery should not be kept in the South-South-West Zone to minimise losses.

Buying Property: According to MahaVastu, there are 32 Vastu entrances, and if you pick an inauspicious one, troubles will hound you. For example, the South-West door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems. Ensure your house brings you happiness and prosperity by choosing a house with a North or West or South Vastu entrance.

You deserve the best and safest returns for your investment! Consult MahaVastu Experts and create a Wealthy Dhanteras 2015.