kamdhenu cowEach one of us has some wish or the other in his or her life. However, there is a popular proverb in English language as, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This usually means that it is useless to wish, and that better results can be achieved through action, rather than just wishing.”

But it’s a fact of life that deep down in our hearts, we do wish for certain things, and want these wishes or desires to be fulfilled at some time or the other.

As per the Pauranic tales, when the Gods and Demons churned the oceans, the Kamdhenu Cow was one of the 14 gems that was received. According to the Hindus, this Kamdhenu Cow has heavenly powers, particularly very effective in attracting profits from land and agricultural technology.

Zone of Placement: The Kamdhenu Cow helps in fulfilling all our wishes, and is a very useful MahaVastu Remedy when placed in the East-South-East Vastu Zone of Anxiety and Analysis, as the zonal energy of this zone removes inner conflict, enabling one to benefit from social systems and policies. And now when we are free from our inner conflicts, we tend to make better choices in life which automatically gives us better results.

Zone of Facing: Ideally, this remedy should be placed on the wall facing the West-North-West, which is the Zone of Depression to get the best results.

Benefits: Well, this is not all. The Kamdhenu Cow is a unique MahaVastu Remedy that assists you in successfully completing projects related to mining, building/construction and structural design. Therefore, Make a Real Wish come true by just placing a Kamdhenu Cow in the East-South-East Zone of your building, whether it’s your Home, Factory or Office!