Vastu Myth Toilet and KitchenIn this series of ‘Busting Vastu Myths’, today we will try to find out if there is any logic or reality behind the common belief that toilet and kitchen shouldn’t be together.

What do people say?

If we go by the common belief, a common wall between the kitchen and the toilet is considered highly inauspicious. Most people don’t buy those homes in which toilet and kitchen are adjacent to each other. And those, who already have a kitchen and toilet together, use several remedies and solutions to cut off the negative effects of the common wall.

But is it really necessary to use any remedies?

Is it really inauspicious to have a common wall between a kitchen and a toilet?

It’s time to know the truth now.

 What does MahaVastu Research says?

According to MahaVastu, location of all rooms have a deep impact on your lives as different zones produce different results. For example, a toilet in the North Zone causes career related problems, whereas if a toilet is located in the East-South-East Zone, it reduces anxiety of the inhabitants. Similarly, there are preferred zones for all the rooms like – bedroom, kitchen, store room, puja room and others.

But, with the increase in flat or apartment culture, sometimes people find it difficult to implement Vastu principles in their imbalanced builder flats. But with MahaVastu, there is no need to worry as you can set the balance with the help of colours, shapes, lights and metals. You can yourself learn to use them as Vastu remedies or seek an expert’s advice.

According to the extensive research conducted by Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal, the kitchen and the toilet should be built only after considering the elements associated with the 16 zones of your home. 

As per the guru’s observation of more than 20 years, none of the adjoining-kitchen-toilet designs created any negative effect on anybody.

You will be surprised to know that if we consider the elements associated with the 16 MahaVastu Zones then the ideal location of the kitchen and the toilet is found adjacent to each other.

According to the Theory of 5 Elements and the MahaVastu’s Shakti Chakra, the best zone for the kitchen is South-East, with other permissible Vastu zones being North-West, West, South and South-South-East. On the other hand, Vastu Zones prescribed for locating a toilet are South-South-West, West-North-West, and East-South-East.

Clearly, if we go by the zonal capacity of the kitchen and the toilet, the ideal location of the kitchen lies adjacent to the ideal locations of a toilet.

It should also be remembered that the kitchen is represented by the Fire element and the toilet by Earth. Since Fire element complements Earth, there is no mistake or Vastu dosh in keeping the kitchen and the toilet adjacent to each other.

FACT: There is no Vastu Dosha in keeping the Kitchen and the Toilet together.