Whether in school, college or at work, there are always some people who are ahead of others. Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal has found that if the space around a person is in harmony, it helps the person to grow in the best possible manner. These are the winners in life.

Mohit was a well qualified, intelligent and hard working analyst. He was awarded the Best Employee award for two years in a row, and was promoted as well. Thanks to his new status and salary, he shifted to a new house with his family. Then, problems at work started. He worked just as hard, but the results were much poorer.

Within months, Mohit was close to being fired. He was upset with his company’s attitude as well as his own failures and became very depressed and lost all motivation.

The Expert advised that a green pyramid and a blue spotlight be placed in the toilet of North and North-North-East zone. A sceptical Mohit took the advice. Within two weeks of applying this MahaVastu Solution, Mohit was approached by another company which offered him a higher post and salary. He joined the new job and continues to do well.

The beauty of MahaVastu lies in being aware of the qualities of each Vastu zone. The East zone is also good for professionals, as it helps in making beneficial associations. Use green and brown colours here to enhance its strength.

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