Placing Interior Objects like TV in the Right Vastu ZoneObjects kept at certain places in our homes, factories or offices have a positive or negative impact on our lives in some way or the other. According to Vastu, any interior object is symbolic of an element and emotion, and fulfills a function, small or big, in our lives. Therefore, its placement in the right Vastu Direction/Zone is of utmost importance.

Any Built-up Space receives continuous messages from objects placed in various zones. In fact, each Vastu Zone has a specific attribute, eg. the North-East is the Zone of Wisdom & Clarity of Mind, while, the East is the Zone of Social Associations. Therefore, each zone is appropriate for a certain kind of object.

The Television (TV), as we all are aware is one of the most popular means of entertainment and a major source of information, as life without it is almost impossible!

However, have you ever thought that what would be the most appropriate Vastu Zone to place a TV? The main function of the TV is to transmit information and entertain us by refreshing our minds, releasing the day-to-day stress. So, according to the Science of Vastu, the East-North-East, (the Vastu Zone of Recreation & Fun) is the ideal place for a TV.

However, a TV kept in the East Vastu Zone also gives good results by improving the overall social connectivity and awareness of the viewers. A TV kept in the South-West Zone is also beneficial to its viewers, as it works as a ‘skill enhancer’. And a TV, when placed in the West Vastu Zone of Gains proves beneficial to people, particularly in trading business.

On the other hand, a TV when kept in the West-South-West Zone of Education & Savings hampers children’s study and concentration. Even when a TV is placed in the West-North-West (WNW) Zone of Depression, it could become the cause of low moods among the viewers. So choose the Right Vastu Zone for your TV to attract more positivity, gains & happiness in your lives!

  Zones Placement of TV Effects
1. East-North-East
(Vastu Zone of Recreation)
Ideal Zone for a TV Excellent
2. East
(Vastu Zone of Social Associations)
Improves Social Connectivity Good
3. West
(Vastu Zone of Gains)
Proves Beneficial for Viewers Good
4. West-South-West/ West-North-West Avoid Placing a TV Bad