The presence and distribution of the Five Basic Elements of Nature or the Panchtattva, (i.e., Water, Air, Fire, Earth, & Space) in the 16 MahaVastu Zones of a built-up space or building, where you reside determine the exact shape, your life takes. Each of these 16 vastu zones have a definite attribute, and is favourable for a particular activity. So, if you perform an activity in the wrong vastu zone, it will have its own repercussions, and will fail to give the desired results.

If your child is unable to concentrate and fidgets a lot while studying, or is often low in spirits, and his results and performance in school have started to slide, then be assured that he/she is studying in the wrong vastu zone of your house. It is also called as a negative zone. These negative vastu zones for studies are the West- North-West, the South-South-West and the East-South- East Zones.

  1. The best location for your child’s study table is the West South-West Zone, the area of education and savings, as per vastu.  Keep the colour scheme of the walls of his study room in white, off-white or cream. Place the school books and other reading material on a bookshelf near the study table kept in this zone.
  2. According to MahaVastu, the suitable vastu directions or zones for studies depend upon the subjects, the child/student is studying. For example, to achieve proficiency in Mathematics and Science, children should study facing the West.
  3. If your child is studying Literature or doing some Creative Work, then he/she should face towards the East to get the best results.
  4. These days, the common refrain of most parents is that children do not pay much attention towards their studies. For such students, the study table should be set up in the middle of the South-West and the West Vastu Zones.
  5. Nonetheless, if this arrangement is not possible, then the alternative zones for setting up the study table are the North-East Zone of Mental Clarity & Wisdom, the South-East (Zone of Cash) and the South (Vastu Zone of Rest, Relaxation & Fame). 
  6. If unknowingly, or by mistake, a dustbin or garbage bag is kept in the Zone of Education (West-South-West Zone), your child will start reckoning his/her books to be mere clutter and will lose his/her interest in studies.
  7. The last but not the least are those kids, who do not concentrate on their books and are frequently distracted from studies. These children should study facing the West (The Zone of Gains & Profits).

Even after implementing the above changes, if you don’t get the desired results, you can opt for MahaVastu consultation, to know whether any of these zones is afflicted by some negative energies.