Finance is the heart and soul of any business and Money is the first and foremost requirement for investment in any kind of business, whether large or small. The application of vastu helps to attract the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets to attract more capital for a stable and successful business. Even after the successful start-up of a business, to ensure a regular flow of money and profits through the business is a must; and for all this, the vastu of the building where you set up the business is of utmost importance.

It may surprise you to know that in ancient India, the learners of Vastu Shastra were also trained in Artha Shastra (Economics). The main reason for this was to make them familiar with the various aspects of finance and use the balance of the five elements (Panchtattva) to solve the different kinds of financial problems. Even, Chanakya – the king-maker of the Maurya dynasty and the author of the famous book, Artha Shastra used guidelines on the directions of alchemy from Vastu Shastra.

Hence, by following the few basic vastu tips or guidelines listed below, one can definitely achieve one’s target in business and grow big and more prosperous:

  1. According to MahaVastu, there are 16 vastu zones in every building, and each of them governs different aspects of our life. Out of them, the North-West (NW) Zone is primarily responsible for getting support from financial institutions. Therefore, a plot or building facing the North-West is ideal for constructing a factory/office.
  2. businessA factory/office should ideally face the North, North-East or the North-West Zones, as these vastu zones bring good luck and positive energy. However, if there is a toilet in the NW Zone of your factory or office, you will feel that there is nobody supporting your cause.
  3. MahaVastu says that the main door or entrance of the office building should face the East or the North direction. Also one should avoid placing anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance.
  4. Similarly, if there is green colour on the East or North zone walls of your office/factory, then it may create an imbalance of the five elements (Panchtattva), and this will result in destabilising your support system, giving rise to continuous problems.
  5. The reception or the front office should be ideally located in the East or the North-East corner, and the staff should work facing the North or the East zones. Desks or workstations should be rectangular or square, but not L-shaped because any irregular shape creates confusion and should be avoided.
  6. As per Vastu Shastra, the Accounts Department should be in the North and East Zones, and employees dealing with bank and cash transactions should preferably sit facing the East and the North Zones. Further, all the financial records of the company should be kept in the central North or the South-West Zones.
  7. Last but not the least, all the electrical equipment should be placed in the South-East Zone of the office building to avoid any untoward incident or fire mishap.