Happy Home

All throughout our lives we have either been advised to be happy or we have advised others to stay happy. Everywhere, everyone has been propagating one thing- Happiness. But little does anyone know the source of our happiness. Is it money? Is it love? Or is it growth?

The source of happiness may vary from person to person. But it’s only your HOME which can help you connect with your source of Happiness. Be it money, job, love, marriage or health. A vastu-perfect home ensures abundance of happiness, wealth, peace and harmony. According to Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal, Founder of MahaVastu, the entrance, rooms and all objects of your home have a direct effect on your Happiness.

MahaVastu has created 5 Mantras to help you create a Happy Home, which will in turn create a Happy Life for you:

» Create a Stress-Free Home:  Do you know that all the stress, pressure and anxiety are basically an outcome of the flow of the negative energy around you? Now, by following MahaVastu guidelines, you can make your home immune to all the negative energies.

» Money brings Happiness too: Undoubtedly money is the main source of happiness for all. From basic amenities to luxuries- money gives you all. By following small MahaVastu tips, you will not only attract more money but will also improve your cash flow.

* Keep Red flowers in the South-East zone of your home to improve your cash flow.

* Keep Brass KUBER in the North Zone of your home to attract money.

» Maintain Health: A healthy body gives birth to many smiles. Out of the 16 zones in your home North-NorthEast zone has the power of strengthening your Immune system. Keep this clean and avoid placing a toilet or kitchen in this zone.

» Strengthen Relationships: Family bonding, love, relationships are controlled by South- West MahaVastu Zone. Keep Love Birds in the South-West direction of your home to reduce misunderstandings and tensions.

» Create Opportunities: There is no need to keep waiting for new opportunities. Now you can create your own. There is a MahaVastu™ Zone for creating opportunities. You just need to just try Enlightening Technique in North Zone of your home and see what series of opportunities life presents before you!