Vastu Acharya Archna Garg

I attained my Engineering and post-graduation in the field of computer science, then immediately got married and became a proud mother of a boy.

My Father in law sh Satish Garg, businessman is a firm believer of Vastu, who one day got to know about MahaVastu, and motivated me to learn MV and Pursue it as a career, I learnt MV in Feb 2017 and since then there was no looking back, did MahaJyotish in Sep 2017 and became Acharya in Jan 2018. My logical mind got all the logics of how earth’s energy fields work in a space and how they influence quality of human life, today after practicing and living MV for approximately 3 years , I am totally committed to kB sirs vision of spreading MV to each and every bit of humanity and to preserve the ancient art of vastu.