About Us

MahaVastu™ London Centre  welcomes people from all walks of life to unlock their unlimited potential with application of Vastu Shastra through MahaVastu™. MahaVastu offers solutions through MahaVastu™ consultation, Books, and Courses. Scientific and contemporary research on Vastu Shastra and Sankhya Darshan performed by VastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal lies at the foundation of Aunkar philosophy. It is dedicated to the process of inner and holistic development of an individual. It is ensured under the guidance of well-versed experts of respective subjects at MahaVastu™ Centre, Noida.

It all started in 1992 when VastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal started practicing Vastu in Nagpur. Around 15 years ago, he came to Delhi with just 113 rupees in his pocket and nothing else. His uncompromising attitude and persistence to deliver the best have now manifested in the form of MahaVastu™ Centre - World's No.1 Vastu Consultancy and Training Group.

With over 50 people working diligently, with latest systems and technology, towards the fulfilment of his mission, the group is accredited with the creation of the biggest book on Vastu Shastra, MahaVastu Handbook. It is authored by Dr. Bansal himself. Apart from this, there are 14 other popular titles published by the group that have hit the stands and are proving to be all-time hits in the domain of Vastu Shastra.

All the practical Vastu experiences that Dr. Bansal and his trained MahaVastu™ Experts have received through their over 15,000 successful Vastu case studies have been distilled and summed up in the form of a 4-Step Vastu Application Method. Anyone can learn it easily by enrolling for the MahaVastu™ Course.

Apart from standardization of Vastu application procedures, MahaVastu™ is also accredited with research on practical and doable Vastu Remedies without demolitions. Today, there is a team of experienced MahaVastu™ Consultants at MahaVastu™ Centres. You can meet them to get the most effective Vastu remedies and solutions for your home, office, and workplace. There are over 12,000 delighted clients across the globe who have received the benefits of MahaVastu™ solutions and remedies and now strongly believe in the science of Vastu..

The group is also offering structured training programs in Numerology and Astrology to help learn the true science behind Indian Vedic Sciences. It also aids them in learning the many ways in which the sciences can be applied practically to live with more happiness, love, and prosperity.