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In the 4-Day MahaVastu™ Course, you learn proven Vastu formulas to achieve instant results for your clients and yourself. You learn practical Vastu Techniques and effective Vastu Remedies with profound scientific logics that help you to resolve Vastu doshas or architectural flaws in a living space without demolitions or reconstructions.


Famous worldwide for its systematic process, 4-Day MahaVastu course is based onVastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal’s extensive and dynamic research of over two decades in Vastu Shastra. The course gives you a platform to not only learn the practical & scientific form of this ancient Indian art and science of architecture but also enlightens you towards your purpose of life, meditation and achieving growth and fulfilment in life.

The benefits of this course are innumerable. But, to give you an overview of the course, we have broadly mentioned the following advantages.

  1. Learn scientific & proven formulas to achieve instant results for your clients and you.
  2. Learn Practical Techniques and effective Remedies with profound scientific logics.
  3. Learn the logics which will help you avoid demolitions and reconstructions in your property or client’s.
  4. You will be able to perform Vastu for Flats, Apartments, Odd-shaped Plots and Buildings of any shape and design.
  5. Learn to bust prevalent Vastu myths.
  6. Learn about MahaVastu Remedies which have been specially designed to convey your wishes to the universe, which in turn fulfil your desires.
  7. On the 4th Day of the course, you will start giving accurate reasons along with Remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
  8. After this Certified Course, you can start your own professional Vastu Consultancy services. Hence, the course is attended by Interior Designers, Architects, Real Estate Developers, Businessmen, Vastu Consultants, Astrologers, IT and Finance Professionals and Housewives from across the globe to learn the secrets of successful Vastu Practice.
  9. After completing this unique 4-Day Course, you get full support for your practical work, guidance from Senior MahaVastu Experts on Facebook at the MahaVastu Experts (ME) Group.
  10. You may also come up your queries at the MahaVastu Experts (ME) Meet at the MahaVastu headquarters at Noida, held on the first Saturday of every month. Our global MEs can join through video conference from the centre.
  11. A special 15-day Internship program is also offered to the new MEs certified after the completion of the course to help them gain practical knowledge and work on a variety of Vastu case studies.

To enrol for the life-changing 4-Day MahaVastu Course, contact us now!

  • Everyday group discussions with senior experts to make sure that your each question is answered before you leave.
  • Real Time Practicals with home & office sets in open ground.
  • Learning at your own home plan.
  • More complex case studies are added for your practical working during the course to hone your skills for finding the direction, marking the centre, gridding, bar chart analysis.
  • Live installations of Mahavastu Techniques including Elemental Strips, Space Surgery, Space Programming and Marma technique.
  • Virtual Entry & other techniques.
  • Course fee for MahaUpgraded 4-Day MahaVastu Course is Rs. 1,10,000 but as KB Sir promised before his Sadhna Agyatwas that for participants who have done VFC, they can do the 4-day course with a discount on the same old fee.
  • Above said discount is applicable only for VFC participants who have done their VFC course before 25th April,2019.
  • Next, Maha-Upgraded 4-Day Course Date is 25 – 28th April in “The Grand”, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. It’s a 4-day residential course.
  • From now onwards, KB Sir will be teaching the participants who have done VFC, so that KB Sir can teach from that level.
  • Who wants to register for upcoming 4-day courses, can register by paying the registration amount of Rs. 18,000.
  • Any new participants who have not done VFC and want to attend the 4-Day Course, they can attend upcoming 2-Day courses scheduled at these locations...
  • 16 – 17 March:- Delhi, Noida and Germany
  • 23 – 24 March:- Pune, Ahemdabad, Indore
  • 25 – 26 March:- Ludhiana
  • 30 – 31 March:- Jaipur
  • 06 – 07 April:- Thane, Mumbai
  • 13 – 14 April:- Mumbai, California, Delhi
  • 20 – 21 April:- Bengaluru, Bhuj-Gujarat, UK (United Kingdom)
  • Access to closed group of more than 2000+ Mahavastu Experts & Acharyas on FB for knowledge sharing, learning and help.
  • Opportunity to join Mahavastu internship program to work in Mahavastu to enhance working on real time projects.
  • Lifelong free access to attend the course by just paying nominal venue fee.